United Way -Temporary Financial Assistant (pdf), posted 11/13/14

CSUMB College of Business -Student Assistant Intern (pdf), posted 11/10/14

SEL Construction -Sales Manager Training (pdf), posted 11/6/14

SEL Construction -Marketing Manager Intern (pdf), posted 11/6/14

MyActions -Community Service Campus Intern (pdf). apply here posted 11/5/14

MyActions -Sustainability Campus Intern (pdf), apply here posted 11/5/14

Social Media Marketing and Administrative Assistant - (pdf), posted 10/23/14

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History- Photography & Film internship and Guerrilla Marketing internship (pdf), posted 9/11/14

Matsui Nursery - Internship (link), posted 8/13/14

Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) - Internship (link), posted 7/31/14

Extreme Impact, Inc. - Internships (pdf), posted 7/17/14

Salinas-based lender - Internship (pdf), posted 7/16/14

Hilton Garden Inn - Selling Intern (pdf), posted 6/13/14 **Position filled**

Applied Materials “Silicon Valley Turkey Trot”- Various Opportunities (pdf), posted 5/29/14

Monterey County Economic Development - Data Intern (pdf)  (application), posted 5/23/14

Campisi Financial Services - Various Opportunities (pdf), posted 5/13/14

Extreme Impact - Two Internships (pdf), posted 5/9/14

CSUMB HR - Two Summer Internships (pdf), posted 5/8/14

The Monterey County Arts Council - Various Opportunities (pdf), posted 4/22/14

Various Companies - Social Media (pdf), posted 4/21/14

Monterey County Business Council - Various Opportunities (pdf), posted 4/14/14

Deluca Real Estate - Various Opportunities (pdf), posted 4/10/14

Monterey Experience Project - Social Media Intern (pdf), posted 3/24/14

Diversity in Rural Nonprofit Housing and Community Development - Paid Internship (pdf), posted 3/24/14

Hyatt - Reservations Internship (pdf), posted 3/24/14

Paid SoCal Internships - Various Opportunities (pdf), posted 3/24/14

Light and Motion - Internship (pdf), posted 3/11/14

Ag Against Hunger - Internship (pdf), posted 2/24/14

Coastal Luxury Management - Internship (pdf), posted 2/17/14

Constellation Brands - Viticulture Focus - Various Internships (pdf), posted 2/12/14

Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments - Internship (pdf), posted 2/10/14

Mirabel Hotel & Restaurant Group - Internship (pdf), posted 10/30/13

Costa Group - Social Media Internship (pdf), posted 9/18/13

Yoderm - Internship (pdf), posted 9/9/13

Vestus Group - Internship (pdf), posted 9/3/13

CH Robinson - Internship (pdf), posted 8/9/13

S & B Financial, Inc. - Marketing Internship: (pdf), posted 7/29/13

Rancho Cielo's Drummond Culinary Academy - Internship: (pdf), posted 7/22/13

Paladin Venture Development - Internship: (pdf), posted 6/21/13

Carmel Office Supply & Business Center - Internship: (pdf), posted 6/17/13

US Department of Agriculture - Internship: (pdf), posted 6/6/13

Pacific Plug & Liner - Internship: (pdf), posted 5/9/13

Golden State Theater - Internships: (pdf), posted 5/6/13

LittleFootprint Lighting - Internship: (pdf) (factsheet) (specs), posted 5/2/13

Red Cross - Internship: (pdf), posted 5/1/13

Aramark/Student Conservation Association - Internship: (pdf), posted 4/29/13

CCRH - Internship: (pdf), posted 4/29/13

The National Steinbeck Center - Internship: (pdf), posted 4/29/13

OurTime - Internship: (pdf), posted 4/2/13

Ag Against Hunger - Internship: (pdf), posted 3/29/13

Taylor Farms - various internships: (Career Bulletin) (Financial), posted 3/26/13

LMI Research Institute: (website), posted 3/26/13

Tanimura & Antle - various internships: (link), posted 3/15/13

Aramark Sustainability Internship: (pdf), posted 3/6/13

Taylor Farms: (pdf), posted 3/5/13

Mazda Raceway: Communications Internship (pdf), posted 2/22/2013 ***POSITION FILLED***

Driscolls - various internships: (link), posted 2/13/13 [updated 2/21/13]

Ag Against Hunger: (pdf), posted 2/20/13

Interfaith Outreach of Carmel Internships: (marketing pdf) (Media pdf), posted 2/13/13

Panetta Congressional Internship: (pdf), posted 2/13/13 Deadline 2/22/13

Spector Dance: (pdf), posted 2/13/13

Pacific Grove Golf Links: (pdf), posted 2/5/13

Monterey County Sheriff Department: (pdf flyer) (application) (job description), posted 1/22/13

Incendia Creative Internship: (pdf), posted 1/15/13

Coastal Luxury Internships: Pebble Beach Food & Wine: (pdf), posted 1/11/13

CFA Internship: (pdf), posted 11/29/12

Sea Otter Classic: (pdf), posted 11/28/12

Sage Metering Inc.: (pdf), Herald article (pdf), posted 11/28/12

Capital Fellows Programs: (pdf), posted 11/15/12

C.H. Robinson Internship: (pdf), posted 10/30/12

USDA Careers Internship Program (Watershed): (pdf), posted 10/29/12

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities: (pdf), posted 10/22/12

White House Correspondence Associate Program: (pdf), posted 10/17/12

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Internships (pdf) application (pdf), posted 10/11/12

Forestry Internships: pdf, posted 10/9/12

Hike for Charity: pdf, posted 9/18/12

AJNE Organic Scent: pdf, posted 8/28/12

Driscolls: Internships website, posted 8/27/12

Carmel Chamber of Commerce: Internship pdf, posted 8/24/12

PG Municipal Golf Links: Marketing Internship pdfposted 8/17/12

Leavitt Central Coast: Junior Account Executive pdf posted 7/27/12

Ag Innovations Network: website, posted 6/21/12

Resource Management Agency: Intern posting (pdf), posted 5/21/11

Ryan Ranch Medical Group: Marketing position, send cover letter & resume to Rebekah Pacleb (Rebekahpacleb@yahoo.com) website, posted 5/16/12

ClearBlu Environmental: Marketing Intern, send cover letter & resume to Julie Bixby: julie@clrblu.com (pdf) posted 5/15/12

Rector Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center (description pdf) (newsletter pdf) posted 5/7/12

Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Economics Assistant (pdf) posted 5/7/12

ARIEL Theatrical: posted 5/3/12

  • Inventory Management (pdf)
  • Marketing (pdf)

County of Monterey: Various internships (website) posted 5/3/12

Computer Solutions: Bookkeeping Internship (pdf) posted 4/30/12 

Portola Spa: Hospitality work experience, send resume to Suzanne (skroeze@csumb.edu) posted: 4/27/12

Disc Golf Association or DGA: Sales and Marketing Internship (pdf) posted:4/27/12

Tahoe National Forest USDA (STEP) position: Bio Tech (Soil Sci background) (pdf) posted: 4/25/12

Carmel Chamber of Commerce: Internship (pdf) posted: 4/23/2012

Pinnacles National Monument posted: 4/23/2012